Manchester United dumped Rashford at the end of the season.

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Manchester United dumped Rashford at the end of the season.

Wayne Rooney, former Manchester United striker, said it would not surprise to him. If the Red Devils decide to abandon Marcus Rashford, the England striker. During the summer market.

Wayne Rooney, former Manchester United striker, comments. That it will not come as a surprise to him. If the Red Devils decide to abandon Marcus Rashford, the England striker ทางเข้า ufabet Gone during the summer market. After the players play incorrectly throughout the current season

Even though Rashford scored one more goal from the penalty spot in the 2-0 win over Everton, Rooney said: “I don’t think Marcus can be a leader for Manchester United.”

“At times his body language is not good and then you have Casemiro, Varane and Bruno as captains. These guys should be the ones who bring out the best in Marcus because sometimes being a striker You need help from your teammates. So you can play your best.”

“Sometimes you think too much into the game and Marcus, I think he thinks too much at times. He wants to do well to influence the game. Sometimes it’s just a matter of doing your basic job well. That’s enough.”

“I’ve talked about problems I’ve had in the past. Regarding the pressure And it’s not easy. But it’s important that you have other people. Around you are family, friends, the right people will give you the right advice. Because you can always feel alone.”

“I hope he doesn’t get to that point. But if you play for Manchester United and the England national team You will always be attacked. You have to be ready to accept what people throw at you. Especially now with social media.”

When asked about Rashford’s future, the former Red Devils striker stated: “I think the club will consider. (An offer came in) But he’s a true Manchester pedigree. And I hope he can return to good form. and has had a long journey with this club.”

“However, Moving out might be the answer. In order to start a new path for myself But I still want to see him stay. Find your talent again Because he already has it within himself.”