Xavi aims to lead Barcelona to victory over Porto.

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Xavi Hernandez hopes to celebrate his 100th game in charge by leading Barcelona to defeat FC Porto in the Champions League on Wednesday.

Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona’s trainer, hopes to continue his excellence by leading the Azulgrana team to defeat FC Porto on the stage of the Champions League group stage, second match, this Wednesday after the opening. A great example was the 5-0 win over Antwerp. UFABET according to Mundo Deportivo on Tuesday.  

‘Team moving forward in Europe? We have a lot of players who are a year older. and have more experience and have already won championships We strengthen ourselves well. And in this competition We hope to be at the level that Barca wants.’

‘Is this the most important game in the group stage? I don’t think about being 1st or 2nd, I think about passing and getting 3 points. You don’t need to look further. It is most important because it is immediate. strong opponent history In an amazing field,’ said the 43-year-old trainer. 

Xavi will become Barcelona’s 11th coach as the Azulgrana team completes their 100th appearance on the field. When asked his opinion on the matter and his feelings ahead of the game, 

‘Managing the team to play their 100th game as Barcelona coach? I have learned not to have too much fun when things are going well and vice versa. I have to be emotionally stable. This is football and you can win or lose. But you must have high competitiveness.’