Saudi Arabia approaches Spain’s Mateu Lahoz to decide league games.

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Spanish referee Antonio Mikel Mateu Lahoz. Who retired from La Liga at the end of last season has been offered a deal by the Saudi league.

The Saudi league has forcibly recruited players and coaches from Europe with high wages. And now they are looking for top referees. Relebo reported on Wednesday that. The Middle Eastern league had made an offer to Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz to convince the Spanish referee to work in the Saudi league. 

The 46-year-old has been a referee in La Liga since 2008 and started refereeing FIFA three years later. Spain in recent years. And often arouses the ire of club staff and supporters during his time on the pitch. He also upset a large number of football fans during the refereeing of the 2022 World Cup semi-final between Argentina and the Netherlands UFABET

According to the report, Saudi Arabia. They don’t want Lahoz to occasionally referee games like he did last season. But also entrusted him with the role of head of the refereeing school of the Saudi Football Federation by imparting his knowledge. 

Lahoz retired from refereeing La Liga games at the end of last season. Although he may have made some odd refereeing decisions in the Saudi Arabian league. But the 46-year-old black shirt does not want to move there permanently.