‘Ratcliffe’ meets CEO with ghost takeover talks

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe has traveled in to talks about a Manchester United takeover, with the club’s CEO Richard Arnold welcoming Ratcliffe to Old Trafford

. Old Trafford with Ineos sporting staff this morning. After his rival Qatari capital spent 10 hours talking to the club at the stadium and at Carrington on Thursday,

Ineos co-owners Andy Curry and John Reece also appeared. As with Ineos sporting director Sir David Brailsford,

the stakes for Ratcliffe this time are high as Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani’s representative has returned from a Talked Thursday feeling hopeful about the takeover. The UFABET report

both Cheek Jassim and Ratcliffe look set to make a second offer. The proposal must be submitted within the next 10 days.

Two of the Manchester United takeover candidates took different approaches to coming to talk to the club.

Sheikh Jassim did not come by himself but sent a big representative to talk to someone at Man United who had His advisers included a director from Bank of America and a lawyer.

Ratcliff wanted to speak in person, with someone from his firm Ineos joining him.

Earlier reports said that Manchester United were in talks with eight investor groups, with some wanting to take over the club but others wanting to invest.