‘Potter’ believes there is enough time for ‘Kante’ to call fit to join the King

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Graham Potter believes there is enough time to help N’Golo Kante return to full fitness ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League quarter-final clash with Real Madrid.

Kante is likely to make a comeback for Chelsea against Everton tomorrow (Saturday), which will be his first appearance since suffering a serious injury in September. August

The Frenchman will need some time to return to full fitness. After a long absence due to injury

However, Chelsea’s Champions League quarter-finals are due to take place on April 12 and April 18, giving Potter time to get his players ready.

Ask if there would be enough time for Kante to get fit in time to face Madrid. Potter reply : “Yes, when you’ve had a player injured for that long. You have to follow that process regardless of your team. What situation will it be in?”

“Take steps to get him back fit, get him back to the player. He was do it as safely as possible which will allow him to progress in the right direction. Once he’s back at the top he will be an important player for us.”

Potter feels that people outside the club are not paying as much attention to Kante’s absence as they should. And his return is a big help for the Champions League. The UFABET report

“Many coaches before me admired N’Golo a lot because he was a top player. His absence is a big blow, that doesn’t mean the other players don’t give everything, they give but N’Golo is a top player.

We have to make the next step to get him back up to the pace of the Premier League, that’s what we’re going to do. But to have him back with us is great.

Chelsea were knocked out in the quarter-finals. By Madrid last season and the Spanish side have been in great form beating Liverpool 6-2 on aggregate in the last 16 this season.

. with having to meet the championship team last season and saying “I’m excited but I’d rather talk about the Everton game because it’s tomorrow. Other matters are still a long time away.”