Doodle Art Classes

Doodle art is a simple fun loving class where your children can draw and create many characters with the help of shapes and patterns.

The online Doodle Classes helps children to learn about creating fun-loving doodles. It is a fun way to start your kid’s Creative journey.

Children love art and colors and so Doodle classes intend to make kids learn how to  draw beautiful and original, with cute expressions using different approaches to doodling.

The online doodle classes  also enhance creativity, diligence, patience, expression & growth of your child.

So, let your kid join the creative journey with fun-filled super interactive doodle classes

Required Materials For Doodle Art Classes

The stationary required is very basic and almost every child has these things handy. Basically they will need below 4 material to start with:

  1. Pencil
  2. Eraser
  3. Black Pen (recommended – CD marker/Gel pen)
  4. Paper (recommended – A4/A5 size)

Key Outcomes of Doodle Art Classes

  • Improved Concentration and Focus of children
  • Ability to control Stress
  • Improve Fine Motor Skills.

Adding a New Art Skill

Important points in doodling

  1. Unique shape-Aim to give your character some unique outline. You can use some common geometrical shapes for making the character.
  2. Head to body ratio– To make the character cute always enlarge the head part then the body ratio.
  3. Flatter Shape-Make the body flat and round.
  4. Facial Feature– There are lots of facial expressions you can draw in a single face: just try the different facial expressions and find which one is looking the cutest.
  5. Avoid perfect circles– If you want to make your character cute, never use the perfect circle shape for your character. You can use an oval, rectangular oval, triangular oval, or other organic oval shapes.
  6. Texture– Never leave the character blank. For enhancement of cuteness, you can use some textures like dots, small horizontal lines, some dotted lines, small vertical lines, small ovals, etc.
  7. Pick the character from your surroundings– For kawaii doodling you don’t need to take some specific characters. You can use the things present in our surroundings like any vegetable, fruits, icecream, cloud, stars, etc
  8. Outline– Always outline the character with bright thick lines.

Don’t leave any space -When you are doodling, just cover the space with some curved lines or fill it with colors

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