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Is processed food really a health threat?

Many researchers believe that Eating too much processed food can lead to poor nutrition and a higher risk of obesity. Especially ready-to-eat processed foods that can be consumed quickly and conveniently. The researchers divided processed foods into 4 types as follows: Highly processed foods. This type of

Benefits of alcohol that come with disadvantages.

Although there is a lot of research on the benefits of alcohol in some areas. But alcohol can also have negative effects. If you drink too much. You may lose consciousness. Lack of restraint, rashness, risk of sexual crime. Quarrel and accidents From the study it was found that Drinking alcohol

Swallow gum Is it harmful to the body?

It is true that the body cannot digest chewing gum. But swallowed gum doesn’t usually get stuck in the throat, stomach, or any other part of the body. And will later be excreted through feces without causing any harm.  But if you swallow is nicotine gum. This is a