Swallow gum Is it harmful to the body?

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It is true that the body cannot digest chewing gum. But swallowed gum doesn’t usually get stuck in the throat, stomach, or any other part of the body. And will later be excreted through feces without causing any harm. 

But if you swallow is nicotine gum. This is a chewing for people who want to quit smoking.  Those who swallow may experience some unusual symptoms. Such as heartburn or hiccups, but in most cases there are no serious consequences UFABET

However, those who swallow large pieces of chewing Or swallowing chewing along with other objects may also risk intestinal obstruction. Which if not treated Food that is swallowed after the intestines become blocked may not be able to pass through. Until it may result in pain or tearing of the organs in the digestive system.

If I swallow gum and do I need to see a doctor?

Although swallowed gum is usually excreted on its own without needing treatment. But in some cases, there may be a blockage in the intestines, such as if the chewing gum is large. Or swallow along with other objects. So initially observe to see if there are any abnormal symptoms. If symptoms of intestinal obstruction are found. Those who swallow should see a doctor immediately. The symptoms of intestinal obstruction include:

  • stomach ache
  • Feeling full or unusually full.
  • The abdominal area is swollen.
  • vomit
  • constipation

Additionally, for those who swallow nicotine gum. Although in most cases it is not harmful to the body. But if you begin to experience symptoms of vomiting. Especially the symptoms of vomiting that occur continuously. Hurry and see a doctor immediately.