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Is processed food really a health threat?

Many researchers believe that Eating too much processed food can lead to poor nutrition and a higher risk of obesity. Especially ready-to-eat processed foods that can be consumed quickly and conveniently. The researchers divided processed foods into 4 types as follows: Highly processed foods. This type of

Is it true that drinking beer makes you fat? Why?

Drinking large amounts of beer or drinking it regularly can increase the amount of fat in your body. Until it accumulates in various parts, especially around the waist. This may cause you to become obese without realizing it. If anyone is still wondering why this is so. Let’s look at

Swallow gum Is it harmful to the body?

It is true that the body cannot digest chewing gum. But swallowed gum doesn’t usually get stuck in the throat, stomach, or any other part of the body. And will later be excreted through feces without causing any harm.  But if you swallow is nicotine gum. This is a

Agent confirms Lautaro loves Inter Milan.

Alejandro Camano the agent for Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez has spoken about the player’s love for the Inter Milan team. And has given a positive update on his contract extension new potential Lautaro has been in fine form since the start of the 2023-24

Atalanta smiles after Scamacca returns to full practice.

Atalanta receives good news as Gianluca Scamacca returns to training. And is expected to take part in the away game against Sporting Lisbon in the Europa League on Thursday. The Italy forward has make four Serie A appearances for La Dia this season, scoring two goals.

Toney scores in friendly match for Brentford since ban.

Brentford striker Ivan Toney banned for breaking betting rules Came back to score again in a warm-up football game against Italian club Coma. In his first appearance since receiving an eight-month ban for breaking FA betting rules. In May, Toney played 61 minutes and scored his first

Xavi aims to lead Barcelona to victory over Porto.

Xavi Hernandez hopes to celebrate his 100th game in charge by leading Barcelona to defeat FC Porto in the Champions League on Wednesday. Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona’s trainer, hopes to continue his excellence by leading the Azulgrana team to defeat FC Porto on the stage of

Southampton Accepted a £3.5m offer to buy Mislav Orsic.

Southampton Accepted a £3.5m offer from Trabzonspor. For requesting to buy Mislav Orsic, wing of the Croatian national football team who has only played 6 minutes since moving in January Orsic, 30, joined the Saints in the winter for £5.1m under manager Nathan Jones. But he was limited